A bit of silliness really...

I am not entirely certain why I am beginning a blog again, I am quite terrible at it. I must have five of them lying about in various corners of the internet, all quite dusty with neglect. But it seems I don't learn my lessons very well, for I am here again. Starting anew.

I am not very good at composing posts, particularly the first ones. But as they say with writing books, you can't write your fifth book until you've written the previous four. So I cannot jump into having my ideal blog until long after I've written my first post.

I cannot promise that this shall be a very good blog. In fact, I am convinced it shall be a very bad one, probably quite self-centred and utterly dull. But I've got a great deal of life that I'm sorting through, and I thought that perhaps blogging might help me organize it out into something that would seem vaguely logical.

I am not the blogging type or the journaling sort. I tend to express myself through creating things. When I'm happy I bake or cook. If I'm sad or introspective I paint. When I'm lonely I sew. If I'm feeling solitary and introspective I write poetry (very bad poetry that tends to veer from irreverent and nonchalant to rather morose and depressing). And, very occasionally I do something else, although neither I nor anyone else can ever be quite sure what it may be.

Anyway, this is my very inconsequential blog. It shall likely be a disorganized array of quotes, poetry, impertinent opinions, pictures, paintings, and odd musings. Read it at thine own peril.

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Momma's family said...

It's just the sort of inconsequential sillyness that hits the spot for me.
Write on!
Meg (inashoe,com)