{Quote: Nancy Pearcey}

"An evangelical radio commentator once advised his audience to take "the Da Vinci Code" and "throw it away." But putting blinds on is not the way to develop critical thinking. Nor is it the way to show love and compassion for the millions of people who were influenced by the book and who need to answer its false claims. Artists and writers are the most important conduit of worldviews."
Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcey, pg. 11



You don't really have to know me all that well to know that I love quotes. Whether they are the classic, brief, and yet keenly insightful observations by men such as Benjamin Franklin. The somewhat trite but still true sayings that everyone knows but nobody remembers to use. The less quote-able but equally insightful and thought provoking points made by professors. Or poetry and song lyrics, whose poignant word pictures cloy at the heart and imagination and resonate with parts of ourselves we hadn't previously been able to put into words.