{Personal Statements}

I'm writing a personal statement right now and it has me quite peeved and at loss with myself. After years of teasing my father over his inability to narrow his focus onto one particular subject I find myself in similar straits. For while I've managed to narrow my subject matter into a one page statement, I sound like a hedonist who has no concept of anything but instant gratification, and I am having trouble with finding a means by which to clarify that in a concise manner.

My father and I both work in a similar manner mentally. We love just about any form of information, if not in and of itself, for the sake of a fuller understanding of something else. The whole world is a puzzle and all the various subjects are tiny pieces that connect to make a whole picture. This something that I both love and hate about my mind, because while I would never change it for the world, I often find myself handicapped in my inability to determine what the purpose of the picture is, when all I see are the pieces I'm missing.

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Lance Knuth said...

Unfortunately we are on this Earth for only so long, and much of this time is taken up by necessities. I've often wished that I could forsake sleeping so as to acquire more knowledge.